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Individual professionals in every category and small companies always find it difficult to promote their services because of budget restraints. The online classified services are a great boon as they can affordably reach their target audience.

Leolistis the most popular website in Canada for classifieds with a huge list of service providers as well as customers seeking some service. However, the popularity of the classified directory is enabling them to garner several ads in every category. But many small businesses are unable to survive in the crowd and are looking for a reliable Leolist substitute.

More about Leolist

Leolist is an online classified directory service based in Canada. It offers a safe and secure platform for professionals and businesses to post advertisements. The website allows communication between the seller and prospective buyers. Leolist also allows its clients to post personal ads and consumers to chat and date them.

However, the website seems to have lost control with increasing traffic. The site is under scrutiny for illegal activities. There are accusations of the site breaking Canadian law and allowing prostitution. Many businesses are hesitating to approach the site because of its loss of reputation. New classified websites are cropping up, but none of them are close to what Leolist offered. 

Another issue is that there were restrictions of use to Canada only, which is why people are looking for Leolist replacements. The site does not give access to outsiders, and people are unable to utilize any services.

Closure of backpage:

One popular site for adult content till a couple of years ago was Backpage. The site generated massive traffic each day for dating, massage, companionship, escorts, nightclubs, strip clubs, spa services, etc. However, it was banned on the internet for allegations of child prostitution and trafficking.

Since then, many professionals have suffered as they lost customers and business. With limited access in Leolist, service providers want a network to get good exposure while customers seek quality services and options.  Several customers ponder if such a website or even a Leolist replacement will ever come into the market again.

New technologies

Among the numerous alternatives, https://www.xgirl.ca/ is one fast-growing online classified website. Have you heard or come across it while surfing the internet?

The website owners upgrade the site with the latest and advanced tools to ensure it is fast, secure, and simple to use. It is an ideal site for the businessman who wants to spend an evening with an educated, decent, girl with mind-blowing looks.  Search for the adult entertainers using terms and phrases as female escorts, escorts in Toronto, masseurs in Toronto or Vancouver, etc.

They are well aware of the industry practices and can run the show with all seriousness and honesty. The intentions behind forming the company are to provide small businesses and individuals a platform to run their show affordably.  Customers who were dealing with backpage before its closure have no difficulty in searching and posting here at the Leolist substitute,  xgirl.ca. 

Dating and escort services

As mentioned above earlier, there are a vast number of people that browse the classifieds for adult content. It means adult content websites get high traffic. Let’s be honest. Why would someone go to an adult website? They go because they want some pleasant pastime and realize they can get it in the company of a beautiful girl.

There are thousands of sexy girls waiting to connect at https://www.xgirl.ca/. The escorts are all there -blondes, brunettes, red-haired, dark curly ones, Indians, Africans, Russians, and many more- a selection of beauties. There are many young girls, adults of course, waiting to meet you, pamper you, and make you come back to her again. The girls are bold, beautiful, wild, flirts, gentle, intelligent, and a wide variety of age categories, all 18 plus.

There is nothing illegal about escorts:

The escorts profession is legal in Canada. For that matter, prostitution also is legal in Canada. But there is a huge lot of difference between the two professions. 

Escorts work through escort agencies paying a monthly fee. The agency takes responsibility for their publicity by allowing them space on their website to post their profile.

The escort agencies were publishing their website in the adult content category of the online classified directories like Leolist. Now after the problems there many of the escort services are moving their business to the Leolist replacementxgirl.ca. 

Escort agencies apply and get a license to operate and are legally approved to serve in their state and country. When the client pays the girl, they are paying for her companionship. The agency is not concerned or responsible for whatever activity happens in that scheduled time between the girl and client.

They can do anything-go shopping, have dinner, go to an event, go out of town, and do many more things. They may end the day having sex, which is okay so long as he does not pay her money for sex. As a professional escort, the girl cannot offer sex as a service. i.e., charge money.


Prostitutes, on the other hand, operate on the streets or at nightclubs. They have no license, no agency, or any other service except sex. If you are going to a brothel the reasons are apparent. You will look foolish if you try explaining, you were taking the whore out for dinner.

Escorts have class. You can confidently take them out to an event as your partner. They know the etiquette and will not let you down. Dare take a whore out to a social gathering, and you will be the most embarrassed man out in the town. 

There are risks with prostitutes. These cheap whores are uneducated, do not talk decently, will look at ways to make fast money. If you take her to your apartment, she may steal something or create a ruckus. You go to a brothel they could rob you, and if someone sees you entering those shady lanes, your reputation will take a hit.   Escorts, on the other hand, prefer discreet business. They do not want any unnecessary exposure that could put them in trouble with the law. They will lose their license to operate if they do anything out of turn. 

Incall or outcall

These are two terms the escorts use when you are communicating with them. First-timers may not be aware of what exactly these mean. In-call is a service when the clients go to the escort’s home/ apartment. You need not pay her travel expenses. She can access all her belongings easily. In case you want her to wear something different, she can instantly change, provided she has the attire. The disadvantage for you is people might notice you going into a new area.

Outcall is when the girl comes to a place you select. If you are meeting for dinner, you could ask her to go directly to the restaurant, or if you wish to meet her at home, set up the ambiance you like. Other than her hourly fee, you pay her travel money. There are possibilities of the girl getting delayed and put up excuses for heavy traffic. Usually, this never happens, but you must be prepared.

The advantages of using escorts

The need for escorts will vary among men. While some singles and bachelors seek the company of a female to talk, there are some with wild ideas. Some hire escorts for private parties to impress their friends and guests with a striptease or ask them to serve topless.

The primary benefit of escorts is the no obligations relationship. You may have lunch together, buy her diamonds, or sleep with her, but once your contract time is over, the escort will go away. She will not disturb you again and move ahead with the next customer. Escorts are professionals. They stay clear of getting into any emotional attachments. Of course, they will go all out to satisfy you, impress you so that you would book her again. She will only expect a favorable review from you as it would help her career.

Another benefit is you have the freedom to pick up any girl you wish. If you have spent an evening with a blonde, you can choose an Ebony or an Indian without any guilt feelings. You cannot think of such things if you are in a committed relationship.

The new Leolist substitute improves upon Leolist and Backpages in many ways. The verification process puts xgirl a few steps ahead of the other online classified resources. Most of them put up ads that are fake with wrong profiles and old pictures. They look to attract customers and fool them. Neither do they give assurance of safety.

xgirl does a screening before allowing the girls to post their profiles. Customers reading the profiles can understand the services they will get, and if it doesn’t suit their requirements, they can search again in another category. The website is secure, and there is no risk of any information being tampered with.

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